We know how hard it is to find the parts you need for your restoration or project. Too often your original pieces are too far worn, damaged beyond repair, simply missing, or perhaps you had ordered reproductions and found them to be lacking fit or finish. We know how much that can drag a project down, thus MCB Restorations stocks ONLY the best reproductions manufactured and takes the time to inspect every piece we sell so that you can rest assured you get exactly what you need. Although MCB Restorations specializes in Mopar, Dodge, & Plymouth restoration parts, we supply and service many other brands makes and models. Our staff is small and prides itself on the personal attention we provide each and every customer. When you call us you are talking to folks who actually do restorations and have YEARS of experience with the parts and processes involved.

The MCB metal restoration portion of our business has been serving the automotive community for over 15 years, providing show quality refinishing and metal restoration services, as well as NOS and reproduction parts to those who demand the best. MCB was born when in-house restorations were being stalled by poor quality trim work that was being sourced from outside vendors. This led the owner to take a hard look at the current state of the metal finishing industry and come to the conclusion, as is often the case, that if you want it done right, you do it yourself. Our in-house metal finishers for instance have over 30 years of professional metal finishing and forming experience, our plater has over 35 years of anodizing and plating experience, and our tech staff have lifetimes of real world restoration lessons to draw on.

Over the years, because MCB had taken on diverse array of projects, it was forced to find new and innovative methods when dealing with rare or difficult to find parts. Consequently MCB has perfected its processes, upgraded its machinery, and employs the best Craftsmen available to produce parts that have found their way on to some of the finest restorations in the world. MCB's satisfied customers are global, from Sweden to Germany, from Australia to Alaska, and everywhere in between!

We are a small business and we like it that way. It means your project gets processed as if it were our own, it means we communicate personally, and most importantly it means we care.

Thanks for all your business over the years!

- Matt Bollaert