Stainless steel:

Dent removal, Straightening/reforming, Brush finishing, Weld repairs (if material allows), Std. and Mirror polishing.


Dent removal, stripping, acid washing, welding (if material allows), Anodizing (OEM exact match), Brite dip, Color anodizing, Brush finish, Std. and Mirror polishing.

Component detail and paint:

We restore many types of trim and accessories for ALL types of cars, boats, motorcycles etc., often these components have a painted or decaled area that needs to be reproduced. We have the experience and masks available to do many of these and the skill to ensure a perfect match.

Dont feel comfortable painting your Shaker bubble in textured argent? Worried about painting your new reproduction grille you got from us? Need a GTX trunk finish panel redone and re-decaled? We do these items every day and the results speak for themselves.

Plastic Grille restoration:

We are continuing to repair plastic grilles (Charger/Dart/Duster/etc) when the parts allows and usually provide a stronger than original partrs when finished. These are npormally then painted to match in house

Die Cast plating:

We offer this service to our customers who have no other option as a part is not reproduced or done incorrectly. The casting MUST be useable and this is an expensive and time consuming process but we work with a highly skilled plater that knows quality and our expectations.